Meet the team

Clubfoot World advocates the needs of those whose lives are affected by clubfoot. We know what that is like, because we are too. To our personal experience we add our advocacy experience, our professional knowledge and our large network in the field of orthopedics and clubfoot.


Rianne van Pijkeren

I’ve been working as an Orthopedic shoemaker (pedorthist) for over 20 years, managing orthopedics and footwear training projects in various countries for the past decade. I was born with clubfoot on both sides when the Ponseti treatment was not the standard in the Netherlands.
Numerous surgeries and times spent in a wheelchair, in the hospital, or on crutches have been part of my journey. Despite the hardships, with thin legs bearing scars and the necessity of orthopedic shoes, I think I’ve emerged with resilience. I’ll forever be grateful to my parents and brother for their ongoing support on this journey.

This made me wholeheartedly dedicated to making’s mission a resounding success.


Robert Boekestijn

As an investor and specialist in start-up development I am specialized in helping good and interesting ideas to grow into blooming companies.

I am strongly committed to get the infrastructure for treatment in all countries right. We are helping to establish treatment centres in every country by training the doctors thoroughly, advising the parents towards them, and establish them safely in hospitals for years to come.

When we work at the foundation, we feel every child has to be pointed towards the right treatment from capable, experienced and well trained doctors. Not starting next year, but yesterday.


IT, webdesign and marketing

Marieke Geertjes

As a Technical Business Expert I am specialized in online marketing and technology. With this knowledge I help companies to make workflows efficient, automate their processes and grow their company.

As I have bilateral clubfoot myself, I am strongly commited to the mission of


Julia van Westrenen

I am a Human Movement Sciences student at university and a fanatic athlete. I was born with a clubfoot on my right foot.

At the end of my high school years, I told my story about growing up with a clubfoot through a documentary (can be seen on YouTube: Ik en mijn klompvoet – Julia van Westrenen). During the making and sharing of this film, I spoke to many people, such as medical professionals but especially clubfoot fellows. As a result, I noticed that the community not only needs purely medical information about clubfoot, but especially about the everyday problems that people encounter. By being part of this team, I hope to help others with club feet on their way by sharing experiences.