Clubfoot World

About us

Clubfoot Europe is an umbrella organization that unites and supports patient associations, foundations  and support groups for those whose lives are affected by clubfoot. Every year, over 50.000 children with clubfoot are born in Europe.
Unfortunately, there is still a big variety of treatment. Without proper treatment many of them suffer a life full of pain and limitations.  Clubfoot Europe stands for them, based on the medical principle “First, do no harm”. We provide easy acces to information and support. We increase and spread knowledge of non-surgical treatment of clubfoot . We give them a voice by creating an active dialogue and cooperation with professionals in clubfoot treatment.

Clubfoot World: because every child deserves a change to walk.

ClubfootEurope is founded by members of the Dutch Clubfoot Foundation. This is a very succesfull parent/patientorganisation, focussing on information and support for parents and patients and collaboration with medical proffesionals.  They initiated the  Dutch guideline for clubfoot treatment and were able to transform the Dutch clubfoot treatment landscape to just eleven enters that are approved to treat clubfoot.

Our team

Robert Boekestijn
Robert is a member of the Dutch Clubfoot Foundation since 2008. He has a son with unilateral clubfoot.

Karin Bouwma
Karin is a member of the Dutch Clubfoot Foundation since 2013. She has a daughter with bilateral clubfoot.

Brigitte Aafjes

Thomas Roemers