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Optimal outcomes can only be achieved under optimal conditions. To meet this conditions, ClubfootWorld develops a program to train professionals and open Clubfoot Expertise Centers.

Training of professionals consists of multiple elements, such as basic training and gaining experience by practice under supervision of experienced practitioners. The trainees also enter a network of clubfoot professionals for guidance and peer to peer back up when needed. After that, it is time for the next step: a Clubfoot Expertise Centre.

A Clubfoot Expertise Centre is a central place in a country where the dedicated and experienced professionals offer high quality clubfoot treatment. If demographically needed, a country can have more Clubfoot Expertise Centres.

ClubfootWorld will provide, support and guide on every step from basic training to that what it is all about: offering children high quality clubfoot treatment in a Clubfoot Expertise Centre.

Are you a professional and do you share our goals and dedication? Are you interested to become a clubfoot specialist? Please contact us.