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About Dr. Ponseti and his Method

Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, Professor of Orthopaedics at the University of Iowa, pioneered his method in the 1940’s after extensive research into the long-term after-effects of surgery for clubfeet. He found that those who had surgery for clubfeet often experienced stiffness, pain, and limited function in their feet as adults. In many cases, further surgery was required. By studying the anatomy and function of the human foot, he discovered why earlier methods had been unsuccessful and started manipulating newborn clubfeet differently. In his career, he treated over 3,000 children with clubfeet and received testimonials and follow-ups from patients well into middle age with functional, pain-free feet.

Our mission and vision

Every year, 60,000 children are born with clubfoot in Europe. Without proper treatment many off them will suffer a life full of pain and limitations. Clubfoot Europe unites and supports national  patient associations and support groups to advocate the needs for those whose lives are affected by clubfoot. We provide easy access to information and support. We increase and spread knowledge of non-surgical treatment of clubfoot . We give them a voice by creating an active dialogue and cooperation with professionals in clubfoot treatment.
Clubfoot Europe is here to make a difference: to make sure everyone affected by clubfoot gets access to high quality treatment, information and support. For a world, where clubfoot is no longer a limitation.