For those affected by clubfoot

Every year approximately 200.000 children are born with clubfoot worldwide

With proper Ponseti treatment the deformity can be corrected in up to 95% of cases, giving children the opportunity to live a normal and active life without limitations.

Unfortunately, up to 80% of them, most of them living in low- or middle income countries, do not have access to medical treatment at all. Those who do have access to medical treatment, mostly living in middle or high income countries, face another problem: method and quality of treatment differs greatly. This lack of access to high quality treatment leaves most of them disabled, facing huge challenges and limitations throughout their lives.

Our goals


Every child with clubfoot deserves the best possible treatment and care, as well as social support for the whole family.


Using a crystal clear guideline for treatment of clubfoot to accomplish the Ponseti target of “no surgery for clubfeet” in every country.


Unite people with Clubfoot. To give them a voice and to inform them. To guard the quality of treatment and reduce discrimination against persons with clubfoot causing better living conditions.


We provide a safe and caring online community for people with clubfoot and provide tools for optimal treatment compliance for the parents.

Every child deserves a chance to walk is here to make a difference: to make sure everyone affected by clubfoot gets access to high quality treatment and all of the information and support they need. We collaborate with local patient organizations and professionals in clubfoot treatment to offer support, initiate guidelines and set up local expertise centers for clubfoot treatment all over the world.